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Miscellaneous Brouhaha

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Sep. 12th, 2005 | 05:56 pm
mood: tired tired
music: Captain Harlock theme

Vacation's over, had a couple days back at work, and nothing's improved there. In fact, the under-counter area is completely full of backlogged work from Burrito's pet bottleneck and the Destruct Manager's cutting hours again. I'm gonna snap and go Sangoku Musou on someone's ass.

Got my Federal tax return. It was $166.00. Got the bill for my county taxes. It was $166.04. Uncle Sam is a right bastard. Fortunately, I have all day to sleep off the depression. Unfortunately, I can't pay the bills. Clothes washer blew up, too. And that one was the spare my folks were kind enough to let me use. -__-*

If we had some money... I hate the number of thoughts beginning with those words.

As always, working on a lot of stuff. Finally finished writing Yamanaka Saga, and about halfway done rewriting "Software Pirate Captain Harlock" (the original was killed in a Pocket PC crash). The long awaited "first episode" of RumbleMon! is nearly complete, to fulfill your little monster hating needs. Look for updates at qbutterfly.

Got a little work done on Dungeon Seeds MINUS, but repairs to our website are foremost priority. Down side is that we can only get dial-up internet in this backwater, and even that hasn't been connecting for more than two minutes at a time lately.

Those who have tried unsuccessfully to reach me on messengers lately, I'm currently only using Google Talk. It's effective, easy on the processor, and light on the memory -- that's good enough for me. Hit me up there if ya need me.

I have too many responsibilities now. I just want to lay here and look up at the stars, but they're hard to see in the daytime. I think I can just barely make out where one is.

Your world really has its priorities screwed up. You know that?! And that set of programming people mistakenly call "free will" makes you do funny things. Something we learned: everybody slow down, and nobody will have to move so fast!

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